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Where you live impacts how you live – the healthier your living spaces, the healthier your life. By optimizing site choices, design and construction, you can reduce the impact on human health and the environment throughout a building’s lifecycle. Green building designs increases the efficiency with which buildings use resources – energy, water and materials. We encourage integrated building systems to maximize building efficiency and optimization. Our construction methods are always advancing while technology and materials improve.

We believe for a home to truly be green- it must be a sustainable home. It is a product of the whole and goes beyond using environmentally conscious materials. However, no job is too small for green to make a difference. You can start using green methods in any room or part of your home, for example, the paint you chose for a new bathroom, or the cabinets you select for a kitchen remodel. There is a myth, that building green costs more than use traditional materials or methods. But this is no longer true, building green does NOT have to increase your budget.  Technologies have advanced and more products are available, thus prices are competitive. Not only can building green be affordable, but building green adds value to your home immediately and over time. We build homes that are durable and efficient. Our sustainable homes are built to ensure a high quality of life for you and future generations.

  • Go Green – reduce construction waste, manage and conserve resources, use ecologically sound practices and materials.
  • Build Sustainably – reduce building operating costs, durability for future generations, optimize home life-cycles.
  • Stay Healthy – enhance occupant comfort and quality of life, well-made and well-crafted, improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments.

Being GREEN goes beyond materials and begins with the construction of your home, be it a new home or remodel. At Naylor Construction, we understand ALL these principles and apply them from start to finish for SUSTAINABLILTY.